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Bicycle accidents are among the most common of traffic accidents, and they often require a great amount of planning and legal support in order to be handled properly. This is often due to the fact that there are slightly different rules for bicyclists and drivers, which means that coming to a final conclusion as to how the accident will be handled will depend greatly on your lawyer’s ability. Our legal team offers exceptional planning and support those who have been involved in a bicycle accident, and we pride ourself on how quickly we are able to handle a case. As soon as we are in touch with our clients, we begin planning their case and hold interviews when needed to determine how the accident came to be, and how to best handle it. In general, bicyclists are often offered very good compensation for their troubles because their vehicle of transportation offers minimum to no safety support.

How We Build Your Case

The process from the moment that you are involved in a car accident do the moment when we take your case, and then how we handle it, is a combination of small, but very accurate steps, that are taken along the way.

As soon as you are involved in an accident, it is expected that you have contacted the authorities (police, ambulance, etc.) and that they have collected the required information on their end as well. This step insures that you have followed the legal requirements that are expected of you as someone who has been involved in an accident. * If you fail to take these measures (provided that you are in a healthy enough state to do so) the process may become different from this point onward.

You would additionally be helping your own case and its success even further if you are able to collect any information at the scene of the accident for yourself. This includes the time that the accident occurred, details of what happened as you remember them, your own opinion as to who was to blame, car plate numbers, and anything else that you may feel would help you in your future case.

Once you have reported your accident to our lawyers, they will immediately begin to build a case for you. We start by collecting all background information pertaining to your case, we plan the details of the accident, hold meetings with you are our client as many times as is needed to build a strong case, and then we decide how to handle it further. Each case is different both in terms of the client and in terms of how the accident occurred, so there is no single way to approach every accident. However, our lawyers’ main goal is at all times to ensure that you receive the best compensation possible, and that you come out of the case as the innocent party.

Different Options for Compensation

Depending on how your accident has occurred, where, at what time, and involving which types of vehicles, your claim will be different. Additionally, another very important thing to keep in mind is who was to blame for the accident, as this will greatly alter the way that your compensation will be handled. If the accident was caused by another driver, the compensation will likely come from their own insurance company, or whoever it is that is responsible for the driven vehicle. If the accident was due to outside factors, such as bad road signs or any other issues that involve causes that are not connected to either party involved in the accident, then the compensation will come from the authorities that were responsible for road safety. You are also in many cases entitled to compensation from your own insurance company, and they will certainly be contacted to develop financial support in accordance to their contracts’ terms and conditions.

Frequent Causes of Accidents

The most common cause of any accident, regardless of the vehicle used, is reckless driving on the part of the person who has caused the accident. This can be due to alcohol and drug intake, tiredness, lack of concentration, inexperience, emotional discomfort, etc. When it comes to making a final decision as to who is to blame, all outside influences will be taken into account. In fewer cases, there may be a problem with the vehicle itself, in which case the production company will be contacted to answer for the troubles that the vehicle has caused.

Get Your Rights to Compensation after a Car Accident

How much compensation you receive due to your accident depends on the accident itself and the injuries and damage that followed because of it. However, you should seek compensation, especially if the accident is not your fault. There are so many different causes of accidents, and different ways that they can be perceived, so the chances of you winning the case and walking away with financial support are actually quite high. Always contact one of our lawyers after an accident, and let us decide whether or not you are likely to be entitled to compensation or not. Do not try and make this decision on your own as you could be making the wrong one.

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