Pedestrian Accidents

Greatest Risks for Pedestrians

Although the most obvious risk for pedestrians would of course be on a busy road due to all the vehicles that are using it at any one time, you may be surprised to learn that it is not just busy roads that cause dangerous situations for those who are traveling on foot. Road construction areas where pedestrian space is limited may result in an awful accident because the pedestrian did not have the required room to move away from the danger in time. Additionally, other smaller vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles could also be the cause of danger if they collide with a pedestrian. In general, anything can be a danger for those who are walking, because they do not have the safety of a vehicle around them, and will suffer immediate damage if they are involved in an accident.

How We Handle Pedestrian Accidents

Because pedestrians are without question the most vulnerable members of traffic, we handle their cases with the greatest of pursuit, which ensures the biggest likelihood for a fantastic end result. Pedestrians are very rarely to blame for the traffic accident, and they are often accused of not following traffic rules to their fullest, which is often not true. It is precisely because of the traffic rules, fast paced lives, and minimal space that pedestrians are injured in accident, and why they must be protected at all costs.

Most Common Injuries for Pedestrians Resulting from Car Accidents

The most common injuries that are suffered by pedestrians are of course those that involve the body, as there will be no shield to protect them when the accident occurs. Even the smallest of bodily injuries can be fatal depending on the age of the pedestrian and their previous medical history, which is why cases which support pedestrians are taken so seriously and given possibly the greatest compensation. It is very unlikely for a pedestrian to be the cause of an accident, and especially not on purpose, and since there are so few outside factors that they can affect or control, the accident is almost never deemed to be their fault.

Common Causes for Pedestrian Accidents

Outside factors are the biggest cause for pedestrian accidents. They rarely include other pedestrians, and are most often the result of other drivers, whether in cars, bicycles or motorcycles. During high driving speeds, it can be very difficult to spot a pedestrian at a safe enough distance to stop the moving vehicle, which is the most often cause of the crash. Drivers who follow the road regulations and the limited speed signs are much less likely to be the cause of an accident than those who are speeding, because they would have had enough time to stop their vehicle. Additionally, drivers who are under the influence, under a lot of stress, or those who exceed their own driving abilities, frequently skid off the road and onto to either oncoming traffic, or pedestrians who were unlucky enough to find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Their injuries are instant and often lifelong, which is why they must be protected by the law at any given opportunity.

We Will Help You Get Your Life Back On Track

Sadly, accidents that involve pedestrians are often the most serious ones, with injuries that may never fully heal. Also, it is not only bodily injuries that are so serious after an accident, but also emotional and mental ones, which may take years to overcome. Many people develop a fear of any kind of traffic after they have been involved in a serious accident, which obviously makes their life a lot more difficult to like. It affects their relationships, their work availability, and ultimately their happiness. As lawyers, we cannot heal your physical or your emotional wounds, but what we can do is ensure that you have the financial support to carry you through the healing process which will be handled by professional doctors, who are also dedicated to helping people get back on the right track in life. This is why our goal is not merely to win the case, but to win you enough money to help you compensate for the expenses you occurred because of this accident as well as physical and emotional trauma.

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