Client Ratings - Reviews

  • Ryan Doring

    Finding a good car accident lawyer if more than half the battle. I’ll keep this honest, Daniel was not only the lawyers I called. I tried calling 10 places, Daniel was the one who called me back right away personally. Took care of my car accident case. You are the best!

  • Meg Nakadai

    I chose Daniel Kim as my personal injury attorney. I was hit by a car after riding a bike. I met him in his office and after communicating with him on the phone and emails, I realize I wanted to go with him. The case went smoothly; clearly it was the drivers fault. Thank god I was not injured badly but I did acquire tension injury.

  • Davis Rosen

    My brother was hit by a car from behind and suffered injuries to his neck and also damage to his own car. He was devastated by what happened to him in Villa Park, but he was also lucky enough to be recommended Daniel Kim as his personal injury attorney in Anaheim. Daniel was always quick to answer any of my brother’s questions, and he also won the case very quickly and efficiently.

  • Joanna Marie Semblante

    My friend was involved in a motorcycle accident and asked me if I knew any lawyers that could help her case. I recommended Daniel Kim as the perfect motorcycle accident lawyer in Anaheim because I had worked with him before and he was fantastic. He set up a meeting with my friend very quickly and they started on the case right away. It only took him a couple of weeks to win it and my friend received a fantastic amount for compensation.

  • Chandan Sah

    My sister worked with Daniel Kim as her personal injury attorney and was delighted with his work. She always mentioned how quick he was to respond to her calls and questions, and how much support he showed for her during the entire case. If I am ever involved in a car accident, he will be the lawyer I call. Amazing!

  • Arindam Duttat

    My brother was involved in a motorcycle accident in Yorba Linda that was apparently difficult to analyze by the insurance company as to who was at fault. We decided to find a motorcycle accident attorney in Anaheim where he lived to handle the case for us and we were blessed to have found Daniel Kim. He was so professional and knew exactly what he was doing throughout the entire case, and he won it with ease! We would have been in a lot of financial trouble had it not been for Daniel, so I am so happy that were able to find him!

  • Trixie Kyang

    Its always a pleasure to work with Daniel Kim. I approached Daniel Kim the day after my motorcycle accident. Him and his whole team took really good care of me. I know now that I need to focus on treatment and to get better. If you ever need a personal injury lawyer, go to Daniel!

  • Karla Razon

    What a great lawyer!! I called him for his free consultation to see how knowledgeable he could be as my motorcycle accident lawyer in Anaheim, and he truly proved his work by showing that he knew everything that needed to be done with my motorcycle accident case. Very quick with his wits, and very supportive of his clients.

  • Michelle Yancy

    When you are involved in a traffic accident, you need a very good lawyer to help you win your compensation, because there are many details that need to be sorted out to work in your favor. This is where automobile accident lawyer in Anaheim Daniel Kim comes in as the perfect man for the job. He is very professional in his work and has years of experience in the trade. I needed his help for a case in Orange and I was not disappointed as he fulfilled my highest expectations.

  • Sebastian Vélez

    I never realized just how much had to be done after a traffic accident until I had experienced one myself. I was involved in a chain collision, which left my car pretty much destroyed and my health in jeopardy. I wanted to seek financial support for what I had been through, so a friend of mine recommended Daniel Kim as the perfect car accident attorney for my case. He did all the paperwork for me, gave me plentiful advice, and then won the case and achieved my compensation! There was not a single moment were I felt in distress and he really made the whole situation a lot calmer. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer!

  • Janine G.

    Daniel Kim helped me immensely after I was hit by a car in Fullerton. You would think that the victim, in this case me, would have an easy time convincing the insurance company that the accident wasn’t my fault, but they were being dodgy, so I decided to hire Daniel as my personal injury attorney in Anaheim to help me settle the case. He was wonderful and handled everything very quickly, and I finally received the compensation that I deserved. Would definitely recommend him!

  • Faisal Wale

    My family was in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County when my brother was hit by a car while on his bike. He suffered some pretty serious injuries and was also left with a very big medical bill for his troubles. Luckily, we were able to find Daniel Kim who won our claim case without any worries, and prevented by brother from falling into medical debt. Thank you soo much Daniel!

  • Richard Tampus

    I was involved in a traffic accident when a car collided with my motorcycle and sent me flying across the road. It was a very bad accident indeed and I ended up suffering from multiple fractures and huge medical bills to cover everything. I wanted to find the best possible motorcycle accident lawyer in Anaheim, but I had a hard time choosing who. However, when I discovered Daniel Kim’s office fairly close to my home in Garden Grove, and saw just how much wonderful information he was ready to share with me during the free consultation, I knew that he was the guy for the job! I hired him shortly afterwards and he won the case in just a few weeks! A great guy and someone that I now really look up to

  • Sha Riyad

    My brother was saved by Daniel Kim’s swift actions. He quickly hired him as his motorcycle accident lawyer after he had heard of all the wonderful reviews that Daniel was already getting from other clients. One phone call was all it took to bring them together for a meeting, and what followed was a very successful case for my brother.

  • Max White

    Very professional lawyer and very easy to work with. After suffering from a traffic accident in Orange county, a friend recommended that I contact Daniel Kim for help with my case. He was a very efficient automobile accident lawyer in Anaheim who took his job very seriously and easily won the case. Definitely someone who you should work with in case of a traffic accident.

  • Miami Comique

    I was run over by a motorcycle while driving my bicycle in Villa Park and suffered some pretty serious injuries that I believed I deserved to be helped with. After the police and the insurance company did their job, I decided to try and see if there was anything that I would do to help myself, and so I looked for a personal injury attorney in Anaheim. I found Daniel Kim and he has been a complete life saver! I knew nothing about the law system, and yet he still managed to explain everything to me and to do a wonderful job!

  • Sankar Mazumdar

    Daniel is the best car accident attorney! My sister received an amazing financial compensation after hiring Daniel Kim to be her personal injury attorney. She was delighted by the way that he handled the case, and could tell how experienced he was by the speed by which he worked. Best lawyer in Anaheim by far or in any case, the whole Orange County!

  • Osmin Paz

    My sister asked me to write a review about the wonderful and very successful time that we spent while working with Daniel, and I thought that this would be a great way to say thank you for everything that he did for us. We had to find a person injury attorney in Anaheim area on very short notice after my sister was hit by a car while riding her bicycle in Walnut and Daniel was right there and open to offer his help. My sister was very shaken by the event, and yet Daniel still managed to take everything under his control and to win the case! We owe him a lot!

  • Alex Mármol

    I was involved in a car accident in Fullerton when another car crossed the red light ran straight into me. The lucky thing is that they were not going at a high speed so we only suffered minor injuries, but it could have been far worse than it was in the end. I found Daniel Kim through a friend’s recommendation and immediately decided that he would be the perfect auto accident attorney in Anaheim Irvine area for my case. He was very generous with his time and knowledge and won the case without a second thought.

  • Marina Castro

    My sister was involved in a car accident in Irvine, and we found Daniel Kim through a mutual acquaintance. My sister was trying very hard to fight for better financial support after what she had gone through, and I am happy to say that Daniel was the perfect personal injury attorney in Anaheim for the job. He was fast, efficient and did not require any additional help from my sister, so she was able to focus on her recovery.

  • Sulmen Mejia

    One of the best injury attorneys in Anaheim, California! I would recommend Daniel Kim to anyone who has been hurt in a car accident in the Anaheim City metro area. He knows how to make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the $$ necessary to pay medical bills and help when your injuries make it difficult for you to work and support your family!

  • John Carcamo

    I found the perfect auto accident attorney in Daniel Kim! I was hoping to find a great lawyer for my brother after he had been pretty seriously injured in a car accident in Anaheim, and I was delighted to have stumbled upon Daniel Kim’s office. Both he and his staff offered us a lot of support, and he was with us every step f the way until he quickly won the case. A wonderful person to work with, offers free consultation when you need him, and is always there to help!

  • michelle scott

    Being hit by a car is definitely not a pleasant experience, especially with serious injuries! My traffic accident in Anaheim left me with some very serious injuries and a desperate need for a personal injury attorney! I found Daniel Kim’s offices online, and I was amazed by how many of them there were! We set up a date for my free consultation and he got right down to business and won my case an exceptional speed! He is a wonderful attorney and definitely someone who you should call for help!

  • Pretty Choi

    My friend was injured in a traffic accident in Villa Park after a motorcycle carelessly ran over her at a corner. She received some pretty serious injuries, and decided to look for a personal injury attorney in the Anaheim area to see if he could somehow help her get better compensation for her injuries. She found the perfect guy in Daniel Kim, and together they won her case and helped her get a very nice financial sum for her troubles!

  • Brian Diaz

    I understand why some people would feel a little worried about working with a personal injury attorney if they have never worked with one before, but I am here to tell you that Daniel Kim is a perfect choice! I was involved in a car accident that left me furious with how the insurance company handled the situation so I wanted to take the matter into my own hands. I worked with Daniel Kim for two weeks and was able to accomplish so much and to help me receive financial support! If you are in the Anaheim area and need an attorney, now you know who to call!

  • Emon Saha

    Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer in Anaheim is no easy feat. Especially since there are so many people who claim to be experts that it’s often very difficult to distinguish between the people that really will help you and those that just want your money. However, Daniel proved to be magnificent! Not only does he offer a free consultation in his office in Anaheim, he also will not except any payment for his services unless his wins the case! He truly is remarkable at his job and he was so quick to prepare everything without needing any extra information from me. He won the case in less than a month and I can now enjoy a very nice sum of money for my accident

  • Abril K

    Car accident attorney Daniel Kim was very successful in helping me receive some payment for my car accident. I was hit by a car from behind while waiting on a red light from behind. I receive a very painful neck injury as a result. The accident was in no way my fault of course, so I too believed that I should file for an insurance case as support for the struggle that I went through both during and after the accident. I then called Daniel right away. Daniel organized everything for me, and even paid me a visit at when I was in hospital and unable to visit him for meeting. I have never worked with an attorney before, and yet I never once felt like I didn’t understand what was going on because Daniel was so great about explaining everything to me and guiding me along the way. He is absolutely wonderful.

  • Rudrarka Basu

    My sister was involved in a very bad car crash that left her not just emotionally scarred but financially as well. She was hoping to find a great automobile accident lawyer in Anaheim and she really did so when she hired Daniel Kim for the job! She picked him because of the amazing reviews that everyone was giving him, and also because his office was close to her home in Orange as well. Hats off to all the amazing work that he is done, and we hope that more people will hear about him!

  • Gabriel Pascasio

    My system was run over by a motorcycle in Fullerton while crossing the road and suffered a number of serious injuries. They may not have been life threatening, but they were certainly enough to put her out of work for a while and to stop her from receiving a stable income. I helped her find Daniel Kim as her personal injury attorney in Anaheim, and they worked together to ensure that she received the right amount from her insurance company. She was quite traumatized with the whole ordeal, and yet Daniel remained calm and collected throughout the whole process, and really did his best for her case!

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